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Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect
Kevin Roche

Kevin Roche

Roche is a world-renowned architect

Roche designed corporate buildings in New York, hotels, to museums.

Examples of Roche's work include:

  • Renovation to Greek and Roman Court at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 

  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Singapore

  • J. P. Morgan Headquarters, New York

  • Shiodome City Center, Tokyo, Japan

  • United Nations Plaza Hotel, New York


The Enterprise Technology Centre

The building was designed initially as the Borland Headquarters in 1993.

Extensive studies were performed at the site, to derive an architectural approach which minimized disturbance to the local environment and the surrounding landscape, while captivating the 360° spectacular views of the valley.

The building houses interconnected modules centered around an axial garden. Roche implemented large expanses of glass which are articulated with deep trellised awnings and balconies.

The center includes additional features such as tennis courts, gym and pool facilities, a cafè, an auditorium, as well as spa amenities.



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